5 reasons to not traveling in a floating museum

Published : 08/22/2019 10:07:23
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5 reasons to not traveling in a floating museum

1-. Food:

The food that your grandmother made for you is not going to be seen for a long time, the art of improvisation and the opportunity together with the stress of learning and demonstrating your culinary skills come at this moment, not all the time you will control the boat , the engines or the sails, will become part of a key piece in any vessel and will go from burning the water to cook to what you had never imagined. If you just want to continue eating what your mother or grandmother did to you, do not travel on these boats.

2-. Talking to people who don't understand what you say:

Culturally to say things sometimes it costs me, we turn the conversation to get to the same point. The majority of Spaniards walk openly, if there is something they like, they say it, if they don't like something you did, they tell you, and the important thing about that is that from mistakes you learn and when you do you get results in your personality and in others, and that includes not only your crew, the thousands of people that you will know from port to port all the number of languages ​​you can find. If you don't want to learn other languages, talk to new people, make new friends, or find the love of your life, these types of boats are not for you.

3-. out of your comfort zone

Going from being in an office for several years exercising my profession I only thought about the time when I was going to take my vacation, or what most people want, sun, beach, a couple of cocktails, relaxed and controlled plan, but instead From that I chose something that I was previously warned: "Christian, this is not going to be a Cruise", nor did I imagine it, but it was worth it, leaving my office to feel the waves crash and move to what my house was at that time, It is something fascinating. If you want to continue with your daily life, if you do not want your house to move while you sleep, if you do not want to wake up in a different place every day, nights with the sky flooded with stars next to good coffee and good company, do not travel in a boat of these.

4 fears:

We think that the world revolves around us, but you realize how small you are when you see the magnificence of the ocean, sail at night, sunny days and rain, cloudiness of horror film because you do not know what is beyond a length of the boat, you really get to value your life more and take care of those who do it for you, or even the simple fear of falling from your bed that is two meters from the ground while the boat moves. So if you think that all your worries and fears you know, if you fear to find yourself, basically do not get on this ship.

5 you will change your plans to do this:

Just look at the photo of this article, I could have chosen one that shows some emotion or risk, instead I decided that the photo that best characterizes me is what it was before and what I now do and enjoy doing. And simply if you think that life is written and you have to continue doing for the rest of your life what gives you money, what they imposed on you at home or because you see in it an assured future, neither the Sta Maria, nor the Victory nor the imposing Galleon are for you; but I am sure that if you are reading this you will want to come with me to share this adventure.

Chiristian Andrés

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