Chronical NAO Santa Maria 2019: Buffalo, New York Tall Ships Festival

Published : 07/24/2019 09:06:45
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Chronical NAO Santa Maria 2019: Buffalo, New York Tall Ships Festival

On the morning of July 4 th us and the other 15 tall ships, started to make their way into the
port of Buffalo where eager crowds awaited to see us. With this being our first festival of the
tall ships season we had some very excited crew.

After mooring the ship up in Eire Basin Marina. We proceed on getting the ship ready for the
public. We had a nice new delivery of t-shirts for the Great Lake’s seasons. After the ship and
crew were ready, we had an hour or so rest and shower before the July 4th activities began.
Over the 3-day festival we had over 2000 people a visit the ship. We were lucky enough that
we had such good weather over the weekend.

On the Saturday when we had a little thunderstorm people still made it down to us and waited to come onboard to have a tour on the ship. After open ship finished, we prepped for some down time and to see the crews from the other ships. For a few of us we were greeted with some old faces from 2016 tall ship’s and RDV Canada 2017 from crew on ships like Pride of Baltimore II, Bluenose II, Niagara, and we are also happy to meet the many new faces that are sailing with us this year.

We spent the evening sharing stories from our time spent at sea and on different ships. On the Sunday night the Festival had organised a crew party for us this is where all the crew of the vessels can meet up have a drink and eat some food. It goes to show what these festivals do. It brings together people from all over the world all with one thing in common that is a love of tall ships.

These event help bring together and create friends for life. 16 ships + over 200 crew members = A tall ship family but of course these festivals would not be possible without the countless amount of ship leasions, volunteers, security teams, and tall ships America team, and the public that come out to the ports to see us. We cannot thank these teams for all they do, standing by us during open ship, helping us get to places around the city’s we are in and always making sure that we have everything we need and so for that we say the biggest thank you!

As the festival drew to an end, we said goodbye to the other tall ships as some left for
Cleveland, Ohio. We were sad not be going with them but are excided to see them all in Bay
City Michigan.

Jemima Soutter, Deckhand on Santa María

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