Nao Santa María Delayed for Beaufort

Published : 03/29/2019 13:26:04
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Nao Santa María Delayed for Beaufort

The replica ship of Christopher Columbus, in tour around the US, has had to make an emergency stop in the port of Cape Canaveral due to the heavy storm that lashes these days the state of Florida.

The stop was made in advance so that there was no problem for the ship or its crew who highlighted the haste of the Captain when making the decision to stop.

After the storm, the bad luck returned to appear, in this occasion in the form of breakdown in the axis of one of the engines, forcing the Spanish ship to return to Cape Canaveral to fix the damage and be able to set sail for Beaufort, where she plans to arrive to open to the public, if everything goes according to schedule, next April 6th.

The Santa Maria will arrive in Beaufort with some delayed days, therefore, all the people who have bought their ticket and can not go to visit the 4 decks of Santa María, can receive the refund of the amount by writing an email to shop @ naosantamaria .org.

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