On board chronicle by Juan Carlos Egea

Published : 11/04/2019 10:16:32
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On board chronicle by Juan Carlos Egea
It's been almost four months and eleven ports since I started this adventure and I still can't assimilate all the experiences I'm living here.
4 months ago I left Spain to embark on the Nao Santa Maria, I never imagined I could be in the United States and much less living in a ship like this, I still remember going in the plane nervous, thinking about how it would be all this, what people were going to find me and if I was really going to be able to endure 6 months, now everything is different, I feel at home, I have met people that I will never forget and I have gone from thinking about myself I would endure to ask to stay longer, I do not know when I will return to Spain but sincerely I do not want to leave.
One adventure after another, visiting impressive places like Niagara Falls, meeting people from other boats and doing things I always thought I would be unable to do.
Not everything is happiness and happy moments, we have had occasions of much tension and problems with the ship, but luckily we have a great captain and great professionals who are always willing to teach us and guide us in the most complicated moments, thanks to them being here becomes much easier, we are a big family.

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