Sailing chronicle from Cape Canaveral to Beaufort

Published : 04/08/2019 10:33:31
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Sailing chronicle from Cape Canaveral to Beaufort

Cape Canaveral really was not a stop on our route, but due to bad weather we had to take refuge here, it is always a welcome respite, and the one that most appreciates it is without doubt our ship.

While the storm lasted we were doing maintenance, a little bit of affection to our NAO SANTA MARIA, always thanks us giving us a few times between crewmates and some epic sailing!

Some crew visited NASA's facilities on their day off, and they flirted with the Apollo missions and especially with the simulator, which trembled to the windows.

The day came when the storm subsided, and we decided to go to our next stop: Beaufort SC, a port that we are impatient to get because of how well we were treated the last time we were with the Galleon, another ship of our Nao Victoria Foundation. Everything was going well, a bit of sea in the background and a cool breeze ... When, suddenly, we had a mishap in one of the engines that left us with the maneuver quite restricted, but thanks to the expertise of our captain, Charly, the joint effort of all the crew members and many hours without sleep, we were able to return to the cane fields and repair the damage so we could set sail for the next port.

The sea is sometimes treacherous and sometimes gives you the best of it, in this navigation in two chapters, we had both, like the first part was regular, this second part is the navigations that one remembers for the spectacular.

We fished 4 alistaos, which we dined to the sound of the sea swaying. The flora and fauna of this area of ​​Florida is amazing, from two seagulls fighting for a small fish to sharks
Marracho jumping doing pirouettes in the prow of the boat, the visit of a family of dolphins ... and the most spectacular the night sky, shooting stars longer and brighter than we have ever seen !!

So newcomers to our destination I write this chronicle enjoying as a small child of our ship and the company. So Beaufort there we go!

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