Short but memorable trip by John White

Published : 10/07/2019 16:41:51
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Short but memorable trip by John White

Thank you to Captain “Charly” and the crew of the Nao Santa Maria for a once in a lifetime

I joined the crew of the Nao Santa Maria in Brockville, Canada and sailed 2000+ Kilometers out
the St. Lawrence seaway, then South along Prince Edward Island past Cape Breton and around
to Halifax NS. We needed to alter our schedule because of Hurricane Dorian but this is always
part of sailing – you have to wait for the weather.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish and with a Spanish speaking Captain and crew it proved to
be a bit challenging. Thankfully, a few crew members took the time to translate important
information and orders to me.

Even with the language barrier, I felt welcomed from the beginning while learning the various
onboard tasks. I also had fun exploring local pubs with crew members while at Port.

The beautiful Nao Santa Maria is a very unusual site even amongst other Tall Ships with its tall
wooden Forecastle and Poop decks, fore and aft. It always drew huge crowds at Ports and Tall
Ship Festivals, where my English proved to be asset answering the many questions.

I took part in most activities: working the lines at Port; taking the helm and I got to climb to the
Crows Nest to get a birds-eye view while travelling past Montreal.

I hope to cross paths with everyone again!

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