Six month on board

Published : 07/15/2019 10:37:29
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Six month on board

It all started at the end of January, my summer had gotten ahead, I embarked in Puerto
Rico, the island of charm, which I could enjoy a few days that were enough to realize that it is one of my favorite places in the world!

We prepared sails and set out to set sail for the new continent, United States of America. We spent 5 days until we reached the Florida Keys sailing in a sea, which more that a sea looked like a fish tank for its crystalline waters, watching sharks, turtles and several dolphin families.

After three days sailing through those waters, we finally reached our first destination in
Florida, Fort Myers.

Without realizing it, almost six months have passed since that first navigation in our Nao Santa María magnifies. Thanks to this volunteering I have had the opportunity, along with my colleagues who are now my family, to visit and do amazing things such as: navigate on the Mississippi River and the San Lorenzo up to the Great Lakes, authentic freshwater seas with a swim in the middle of the lake included, go to New Orleans at the Mardi Grass, visit the Kennedy Space Center, the NASA facilities at Cape Canaveral, go to Disneyworld Orlando and dance to the rhythm of frozen as if you were 5 years old again, make a bicycle route through the everglades surrounded by alligators and even the chance to visit the cursed grave of a pirate!! All an adventure!

That if in equal parts our ship always asks us a little love to keep it always pretty and operative and above all enjoying those sailings and sunsets of sun and the sunrises.

Reaching my final point (for now ...) since looking back and knowing that in the next port back home, I only have magnificent memories that I would not have had if it were not thanks to the Nao Victoria Foundation and to which I can now call my second home the Nao Santa Maria, and all that little family that took me home for life, my crew!

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