Tha Nao Santa María arrives to Panama City, FL

Published : 03/11/2019 13:07:07
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Tha Nao Santa María arrives to Panama City, FL

The replica of one of the most famous ships in history, comes back to Florida, specifically to Panama City, after sailing through the Caribbean Sea, the Mississippi river and the Gulf of Mexico, before facing the second part of a voyage that will lead to the Santa María for the East cost of the USA to finish in the Great Lakes, being the second Spanish ship in history to navigate the San Lorenzo River, after the Galeón Andalucía, a ship managed by the Nao Victoria Foundation.

Thus, and with the support of "Destination Panama City", local agency for the promotion of tourism in the area, the ship, moored in the St. Andrews Marina, will be open for tours until March 17th.

A unique opportunity for the neighbors of the area lovers of navigation to discover through the decks of the Santa Maria, the importance of the province of Huelva in maritime history.

Tickets can be purchased through the website or on the ship.

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