The Santa María is back in Bay City

Published : 07/30/2019 10:54:30
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The Santa María is back in Bay City

After the great success of Tall Ships America Celebration, and being one of the most visited vessels during the festival, the Nao Santa Maria is coming back to Bay City. This time, She will be docking on the other side of the Saginaw River, in Uptown.

She crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to America using the trade winds last November. After reached Puerto Rico, in February, She started a tour by the East Coast heading north, to be continued in the Great Lakes during the summertime, taking part in the Great Lakes Tall Ships Challenge.

The Nao Santa Maria’s replica comes for the very first time to America to commemorate her original journey 527 years ago, where they were able to discover the Maritimes routes that lead them to this continent for the very first time, starring by Christopher Columbus, the encounter between two worlds, in 1492.

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