The Nao Santa arrives in Dc

Published : 11/15/2019 12:37:28
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The Nao Santa arrives in Dc

She crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to America using the trade winds
in November 2018, making Puerto Rico her very first port of call in the US. Then in
February, She started to head North beginning in Florida, touring the East Coast
and reaching the Great Lakes for summertime, taking part in the Great Lakes Tall
Ships Challenge Festivals.
After touring successfully the Great Lakes with Tall Ships America Celebrations,
the Nao Santa Maria started her way down South for the Caribbean, where She will
stay for Christmas and January, but before that, She will make her last port of call
in the US Capital, to celebrate this successful first tour in the country. An
educational tour where thousands of scholars took a field trip, being able to meet
and touch the history with their hands.

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