The Santa María in Fort Myers Beach, FL

Published : 02/06/2019 12:03:58
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The Santa María in Fort Myers Beach, FL

The replica of one of the most famous ships in Spanish maritime history is arriving in Fort Myers from San Juan de Puerto Rico. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Spain, using the trade winds, is touring the East Coast of the United States.

The Nao Santa Maria comes to America to commemorate her original journey, where they were able to discover the Maritimes routes that lead them to this continent for the very first time, starred by Christopher Columbus, the
encounter between two worlds, in 1492.

As the very first time in America, Fort Myers Beach will be the first port of call on this East Coast tour, to be continued visiting different ports and heading up to the Great Lakes in Canada next summertime. A faithful design to real Scale and dimensions, where more than 100 artisans of the sea have worked in its construction, such as riverbank (riparian) carpenters, cabulleros (rope) masters or naval engineers. Looking for the combination of historical rigor with innovative techniques systems in the shipbuilding sector and always with current regulations. This represents a huge advance in terms of environmental impact, costs, durability and maintenance of the ship, without affecting its historical aspect, navigability or maneuver.

After fourteen months of investigation, more than 300,000 hours of work were carried out along another fourteen months for the construction, where the mold of the hull was created, then working with the wood for the cladding, the placement of the mast, The preparation of the rigging and apparel and the installation of the equipment.

The citizen could visit four decks, feel the vibes on board of a historic ship, interact with the crew and discover how this vessel was and work, its maneuvers of sails, rigging and the story of this famous ship of Spanish maritime history. “We are happy and lucky to navigate through seas and play with time barriers, having the opportunity to bring and show history to American citizens” Carlos Herrera, Nao Santa María Captain.

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